Allegri Wants Game Management From Players In The Face Of Injury Crisis

Written by Dare Solomon 

Juventus will go into their weekend’s tie away at Empoli with five of their starters injured, leaving the coach Maximilliano Allegri with no choice but to call up players from the lower ranks to save the face of the team.

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Just after playing on Tuesday in the Champions league against Villarreal in Spain, the club has recorded three injured players together with the couple that had been missing and to make things worse, Kaio Jorge was announced to be out for eight months.

Allegri in his press conference before the clash against Empoli gave account of the situation of things.


“Let’s wait a moment, let’s see who is standing. We are in abundance, there are also two Under 23 players. We certainly know that it is a game to win even if in Empoli it is always difficult to play.

“In defense we need to evaluate Bonucci’s conditions, the others are fine. I’m sorry for McKennie who has unique characteristics in our squad, I’m very sorry for Kaio Jorge. Let’s see Bernardeschi next week, maybe Dybala with Fiorentina, Rugani we’ll see, Chiellini won’t be there. will be next week, Alex Sandro took a hit.”

It’s a crucial period in the season for the Old Lady as they are still competing on all fronts, Allegri recalled some moments in the mid week game and called for game management from his team.

“It is not easy to win every year, now we are playing better games from all points of view. We need to improve even more, in what I call the management of the game, for example in the Champions League we had moments of control of the ball where we were too hasty.”  


Former AS Roma president,James Pallotta in his interview granted to SiriusFM threw a low jab at Juventus football club following their recent financial scandal with the local authorities in Italy.

The old lady’s executive office were raided few month ago in relation wrong financial documentation of about five players that were transferred in and out of the club and Pallota revealed that the situation is making him doubt their success.

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“I thought it was the strongest team in the last nine years, but now, when you look at the ongoing investigation, I start to question that. 

“They had their own stadium and more than double our revenues, every time we had a good player in the squad we had to worry if Juve would come to take him. They did it with Napoli, Milan, they did it with us with Pjanic, and they just did it with Fiorentina. 

“But then you see the investigations underway, we don’t know what will come of it, but it seems clear that Juventus may have made some “little games” with the transfer market.” Pallotta said relayed by Calciomercato.

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