Artem Dzyuba’s Classy Response To Criticism From England Based Ukrainian Stars

Written By Jacobs Dunga 

The Russian national team captain has been forced to speak out amidst the controversies involving his nation and their neighbours.

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Zenit St. Petersburg striker and captain of the Russian football team has given a classy response to the criticism from Everton and West Ham stars, Vitaliy Mykolenko and Andriy Yarmolenko who both called out the lanky striker and his fellow Russian teammates for keeping silence amidst the unrest in Ukraine caused by Russia’s invasion.


Mykolenko branded Dzyuba a b**** while Yarmolenko labelled the Russian national team players s******** for not speaking up against the invasion of Ukraine by their country.

The Russia captain has now responded via his Instagram account where he questioned Ukrainian international in England and the international sanctions on his country’s athletes and teams.

“Until recently, I did not want to speak on the topic of events in Ukraine,” wrote the Russia captain.

“I didn’t want to, not because I’m afraid, but because I’m not an expert in politics, I never got into it and didn’t intend to (unlike a large number of political scientists and virologists who have recently appeared on the Internet).

“But like everyone else, I have my own opinion. Since I am being drawn to this topic from all sides, I will express it.

“I am against discrimination based on nationality. I’m not ashamed that I’m Russian. I am proud to be Russian. And I don’t understand why athletes should suffer now.

“I am against double standards. Why one can do everything, but all the dogs are hanged on us.

“Why is everyone always shouting about sports outside of politics, but at the first opportunity, when it comes to Russia, this principle is completely forgotten?

“Again, war is scary. In stressful situations, people show their essence, sometimes negative. How much anger, dirt and bile has now poured out on all Russian people, regardless of their position and profession.

“Those thousands of people who write insults and threats – get in line! It is doubly strange to hear all this from people to whom Russia has given very, very much in their lives. All this only creates more negativity.

“The war will end, but human relations will remain. And it will be impossible to rewind. Remember this.”

Dzyuba concluded his post by turning towards his critics from the Premier League.

“P.S. And to some colleagues in the shop who sit on their a**** in mansions in England and say nasty things: this cannot offend us, we understand everything! 

“Peace and goodness to all! #I’mAPatriotOfMyCountry #SportOutPolitics”

Russia, led by President Vladimir Putin sent troops to attack Ukrainian territories last Thursday which led to bombings and killings which have claimed hundreds of lives in the cities of Ukraine due to political disputes.


Ahead of the Manchester derby on Sunday, former City star Trevor Sinclair has claimed he created the famous Cristiano Ronaldo “siu” celebration.

The talkSPORT pundit while playing for City in 2004 scored the third of a 3-1 victory where he ran towards the sideline and spun before his teammates ran to cover him up.

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Sinclair scored six goals in four years as a Manchester City player and two of those goals came against city rivals United.

When asked if he had scored in a Manchester derby, Sinclair told talkSPORT: “I did actually, thank you! It’s actually when the ‘Siu’ celebration was created.  

“I scored, just ran off, took my shirt off, I was absolutely ecstatic. 

“And as I ran towards the sideline, I just spun and all the lads sort of ran into me. 

“But I genuinely think that is where Ronaldo’s ‘Siu’ celebration was born.” 

The iconic celebration which was made popular by Cristiano Ronaldo is now one of the most iconic in the world of football.

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