Carlo Ancelotti: “With This Win, We Are Confident Ahead Of PSG”

Written by Patrick Echatah

Carlo Ancelotti was delighted with Real Madrid’s emphatic win over Real Sociedad and believes Los Blancos can take confidence from it ahead of the PSG second leg on Wednesday.


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Speaking afterwards, Ancelotti said: ”I think all Real Madrid fans believe in the comeback even more after this. It was an important match for LaLiga first and foremost, but it now gives us even more confidence. We have to have that same intensity. I think we can repeat this performance.”

One of the key aspects was the higher-than-usual press. On that, Ancelotti said: “This was our plan, to press a bit higher, and it worked. By executing it well tonight, we have a better chance of being able to do that on Wednesday.”

Ancelotti on Camavinga’s performance

Eduardo Camavinga stole the show with his golazo and overall performance.

On the Frenchman, Ancelotti said: “He is an option for Wednesday, but we’ll first see how Kroos and Valverde are doing. He is a quality player and I spoke with him this week. He feels more comfortable at the side of Casemiro, but can also play there. There is no player who can perfectly replace Casemiro, so it’ll have to be a player with different characteristics. In any case, we’ll compete.”

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There are several reports about Erling Haaland today, but we filtered through to bring a solid report coming out of ESPN from Rodrigo Faez and Alex Kirkland which states that Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund will begin talks over the next few days to discuss the transfer of Erling Haaland to Real Madrid.

Many reports, including this ESPN one, have stated that Barcelona are falling behind in the race for the Norwegian superstar. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Real Madrid are leading the pack either, as Manchester City look to be the favourites to ink the Dortmund striker to a deal.

Barcelona’s biggest barrier, it is widely believed, will be financial. While Joan Laporta clearly wants to sign Haaland, the Catalans can’t compete with either Real or City financially. 


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