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USMNT’s DeAndre Yedlin moved to Cincinnati in early March as part of a blockbuster trade between FC Cincinnati and Inter Miami CF.

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The deal came together swiftly, and Yedlin’s reality of the move sank in even faster.

The Seattle native arrived in Cincinnati after the season had begun and made an immediate and significant influence on the group. He has played for major international teams like Tottenham Hotspur, AFC Sunderland, Newcastle United, and Galatasaray.

Three days later, in the CONCACAF Champions Cup, the wingback made his debut after arriving on March 4 and being introduced to the media.

Since then, Yedlin has made 17 appearances, 15 starts. His professionalism, experience, and adaptability have been crucial to FCC’s campaign for a second Supporters’ Shield, making him a vital member of the squad.

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“I speak about Cincy and people that told me it’s such a family-oriented city and now I see why people are saying that,” Yedlin said after a 3-2 win over D.C. United on July 3.

“It’s almost like the city was built for kids. You see families and see kids everywhere, which is incredible.”

“My daughter loves it. My son loves it. My wife loves it. And just the club in general. They care so much about the families, which I really appreciate because I’ve been in clubs that show no attention to the families.”

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