Confirm: Mourinho Out Of Roma-Atalanta Clash This Weekend

Written by Dare Solomon 

AS Roma will be without their coach Jose Mourinho for the crunchy Serie A tie against Atalanta following the refusals of the club to appeal the two-day ban imposed on the Portuguese manager.

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The club was hit hard by the Disciplinary Commission after the fiery 2-2 draw with Verona, which saw Mourinho sent off for making insulting gestures towards referee Luca Pairetto referencing his father’s role in the Calciopoli scandal of 2006.


Pairetto’s father, Pierluigi, held the position of Italian vice chairman of UEFA referees committee at the time of the Calciopoli scandal from 2006 – which surrounded Juventus and other teams of being involved in match fixing by selecting favourable referees through a series of telephone calls.

Mourinho in the Verona match, picked up a ball and kicked it away in frustration, which led to the Portuguese being shown a red card.

The Roma boss responded by gesticulating towards Pairetto and went to speak to him before being held back by goalkeeping coach Nuno Santos.

This has led to his ban and the Giallorossi will not be appealing the decion of the Disciplinary Committee.


Director Tiago Pinto and member of the coaching staff Nuno Santos were also suspended for the fracas that occurred after the final whistle in the tunnel, when they continued to hurl abuse at the referee.

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The Sporting Judge like that of the coach, banned the Portuguese director until March 8th, which means the GM will not be allowed to attend games nor give out any pre-match interviews.

After the final whistle to Roma-Verona, Pinto was heard according to Romapress telling the Italian referee, “You can’t possibly be making such refereeing decisions. You were sent by Juventus where your brother works!” referring to Pairetto’s brother, Alberto Pairetto who works as Head of Stadium Revenue for Juventus.

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