“Dimarco Told Me That He Had Been Waiting For Me For Two Years” Inter Summer Signing Reveals

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Inter Milan have been in a high flying form as their manager, Simone Inzaghi has been able to blend the team, particularly the new signings, who have managed to hit the ground running in their first season at the club.

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While the club signed as much as 12 players during the summer transfer window, one player who has really stood out is French striker, Marcus Thuram, who joined the Nerazzurri on a free transfer after his contract with Borussia Moechengladbach had expired.

According to Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappé, Thuram has made the right call by the current Serie A table toppers. The 26-year-old has established himself as an automatic starter in Simone Inzaghi’s starting formation, the perfect partner for the team’s captain, Lautaro Martinez upfront.

The former Socheaux has been on spectacular form, scoring five goals and providing eight assists across all competitions. Thuram swiftly formed a great understanding with Martinez and the two attackers are spearheading the club’s 3-5-2 formation.


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So while the France international used to play out wide, he’s now featuring in a more central role much to Mbappé’s delight. The PSG superstar reveals that he had always advised his friend and compatriot to play as a striker. Mbappe feels that Thuram made a wise decision by joining the Italian giants.

“I’ve been telling him for years that he has to play as a striker, but he doesn’t listen to me!” said the PSG man in his interview with RMC sports. “He has all the qualities required to be an excellent centre-forward. “We talk every day, I have a lot of affection for him. He made the right choice by signing for Inter.”

France manager Didier Deschamps also echoed the same opinion few days ago, expressing gratitude to Inter for giving Thuram the ability to grow as a striker. ‘The system suits him, he is more effective now.’

“He already played as a striker and now in Italy he is getting to do that more consistently,” said Deschamps in a press conference. “What we ask of him is above all to score goals. That was not his strength before, now he enjoys it, because at Inter he plays in a system with two forwards that really suits him. He is more effective now and can score more goals.”

“Thuram has this ability to see the spaces and is very generous, so puts the effort in to get into those spaces. He can get even more effective in front of goal, but this is part of the growth process and he’s more confident than ever.” The 26-year-old has 13 senior caps for France, yet has only ever managed to score one goal, so is eager to improve that record going forward.


The player himself recently opened up about his decision to join Inter, his early goals with the club and his childhood in Italy. Speaking to DAZN, Thuram first discussed his love of anime and manga. “When I was little, I really liked Dragon Ball on TV. Then I discovered comics. My cousins and I started buying them all, even other manga.”

He was asked about his immediate impact with Inter. “When I arrived, I didn’t think about the impact I could have, I thought about fitting in as best as possible. “Knowing Italian made it easier. I knew that the team was already very strong, I wanted to fit into the game. Tactically I’ve improved a lot since I’ve been here.”

The 26-year-old looked back at the Nerazzurri’s recent derby triumph over Milan. “On a counter Lauti sent Denzel deep, I went to recover the ball and then I saw that Thiaw didn’t attack me immediately and I aimed at him. “Being one against one, I had time to shoot, and I scored. When I close my eyes and think about the match, I think about entering the pitch with the two fan choreographies, a special moment.

“The week was normal, I thought about the matches and working. I had asked Mkhitaryan a bit, but they didn’t want to tell me too much because they told me ‘you’ll see…’.” He spoke about which of his Inter goals he likes the most so far. “When I scored against Fiorentina, it came to me like this because every match at San Siro you can hear an incredible noise.

“Perhaps of the goals scored the one I enjoyed the most was against Roma. It was an atmosphere particular. I took the time to enjoy the celebration.” Thuram reflected on the World Cup final loss to Argentina. “A spectacular match, those who saw it from the outside tell me. For me a little less inside, but that’s life. You win and lose matches.

“I often think about it, but I can’t do anything about it. We want to go back one day, I can think about it but we can’t change it.” He touched on his admiration for compatriot Karim Benzema. “Benzema is 100% an inspiration for me. He plays as a 9 but also as a 10, or as a winger. In every portion of the pitch, he can bring a solution to the team, and this is the type of 9 I want to be.

“He has me given a lot of advice but the most important is to respect the game: shoot if you have to shoot, pass if you have to pass. You always need the right response.” The 26-year-old explained why he decided to join Inter on a free transfer this summer. “Dimarco told me that he had been waiting for me for two years. Inter was a feeling I had inside me. I had injured myself two years earlier when I had to go to Inter. It made me feel very bad because I had already imagined myself being here. I wanted to come here.

“It was one of the last days of the transfer window, I had been talking to Inter all week. I thought about going to Inter and instead I got injured in the first half and I stayed at Borussia. I didn’t immediately realize that it was serious. “I continued to play for five minutes and then stopped because it hurt, but I didn’t think it was very serious. Inter have always been close to me, they are good, respectful people and for this reason it was obvious for me to come to Inter.”

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He spoke about his childhood memories of living in Italy. “Many things, I went to the park, I played. I went to the stadium in Turin. It was wonderful to be in Italy as a child. I have a photo as a child with Federico Chiesa in Parma. I have a good relationship with Weah, I talk to him often.” Thuram discussed his relationship with his father Lilian.

“When we won the World Cup, I wasn’t even a year old. For him it’s an incredible thing, I only found out at 10-11 years old who my father was. I didn’t see Lilian Thuram, I saw my dad. “He first didn’t want me to become a footballer, then he saw that I loved football. He always helps me after the matches. He watches them. I like it, he makes me learn quickly.

“He’s very strict but it’s better this way because he has to tell me what I did wrong. When I score a goal and he sees me smile, he tells me ‘calm down and I’ll explain two or three things’.” He revealed some teasing he receives from his father and family friend Fabio Cannavaro. “Dad and Cannavaro have a game. If I score a goal, they say that if they had been on the pitch I wouldn’t have scored. So, I tell them ‘grandfather calm down and stay in front of the TV’.”

The French striker also told an amusing anecdote involving Lionel Messi. “I was ten years old and one day Messi was there at training, he was 19-20 years old. It was the moment after the session when even children could come in. “I had forgotten my shoes, Messi was the best player, close to my size. I was a size 38 and he 40-41. He gave me the shoes to play and then told me I could take them home.

“The next day, I went to football and I gave them to a friend, because I didn’t know well who Messi was. I regretted having done it every day…” Finally, Thuram discussed his admiration for former Brazil striker Ronaldo. “An idol. As a child I had a blanket that I never wanted to leave. My mother wanted to take it away from me and I didn’t want to, so she told me she had to give it to Ronaldo, and I gave it away. I don’t know where it ended up…” He concluded.

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