Former Liverpool Star Brands Russian President “Son Of A B****” After Quitting His Role With Russian Club

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More verbal attacks keep coming for Russian president Vladimir Putin due to his country’s invasion of Ukraine.

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The latest football icon to speak up on the invasion of Ukraine by Russia is former Liverpool footballer Andriy Voronin who las left his role as coach of Dinamo Moscow to defend his country.


42 year old Voronin had a seventeen year playing career that spanned across Germany, England and Russia where he retired in 2014.

The 74 time capped former Ukrainian international has joined a host of football stars past and present who have condemned Vladimir Purim’s attack on his home country.

“I do not see any possibility of staying in a country whose army destroys our cities and fires at civilians”, said the ex-Liverpool man.

He told German newspaper Bild: “We got out of Moscow before it was completely blocked. We couldn’t land in Dusseldorf so we flew via Amsterdam. My father, my mother-in-law, my wife and my children are here now.

“I’ve been unwell for four days. Really bad. When I see all the pictures from my homeland. When I see the news. It’s all as unreal as a movie. But a horror film. I hardly have any words left.”

The former striker who had forty appearances in the Liverpool shirt with six goals scored in two seasons expressed love for his country and would have a gun in his hand to defend the nation.

“Maybe he just wants to be in the history books,” the former striker said about the Russian leader. “But he will never end up there… or at most as a criminal.

“Stop that son of a b**** Putin, help the refugees. And send weapons so we can defend ourselves”, he said when asked by Bild what Germany could do to help his homeland.

“I’m so proud of our country. We have beautiful cities, great people. We will keep fighting. And we will win. But the price is so high. All the dead… we live in the year 2022 and not in WWII.

“I have friends in Kharkov, in Kyiv, in my hometown of Odessa. I get messages every five minutes. It’s hard to bear. I just want to help. With money.

“Whatever… and I don’t know if I should say it: But if I were in Ukraine right now, I’d probably have a gun in my hand too.”

On his resignation at Dinamo Moscow he said: “I cannot pursue my calling in a country whose leader is responsible for a war of aggression”, Gisdol said in a statement to Bild.


Juergen Klopp has jumped to the defence of teenage sensation, Harvey Elliot who was seen holding a flare during the celebrations of their Carabao Cup victory over Chelsea on Sunday.

The eighteen years old had a red flare in his hands while celebrating his team’s victory with the Premier League informed of his actions and the left footed player being questioned afterwards.

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Klopp has however jumoed to his defence saying he made a mistake and promised it won’t happen again.

“He made a mistake but only because of the role model we have as people working in public. I will tell him, I can promise he will not do it again,” Klopp said.

“Do I think it is the worst thing that happened in the world of football? No. But in the moment, I got carried away and I am nearly four times as old as him so it can happen.”

Elliot was instrumental for Liverpool as they saw off Chelsea in the final of the League Cup 11-10 via penalties after regulation and extra time ended goalless.

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