I Was Lucky Enough To Play With The Best At Barcelona For A Long Time – Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Written By Omolagba Oluwayemi

Paris Saint-German forward, Lionel Messi in a recent interview with beIN Sports recall some of his wonderful times at Barcelona.

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Messi who spent over 20 years in Spain playing for Barcelona made a switch to Paris Saint-German during the summer which ended is relationship with the club he’s joined since 2003.

In the three minutes plus interview, Lionel Messi while talking about the current crops of players in PSG being the best made mention of him playing alongside the best for a very long time in Barcelona which included current teammate, Neymar Jr.


“Well Di Maria, Ney, I already know them from the National Team and Ney in the past. At Barcelona we played together.”

“Kylian, I didn’t know him on or off the field, and well little by little we are getting to know each other much better and above all getting to know each other on the field, to see how we feel comfortable with each other and obviously it is very nice to be in the field with the best.

“I was lucky enough to do it for a long time with Barcelona, to have the good fortune to always play with the best, and now it is my turn to do it as Paris as well, so I’m happy and I’m looking forward to continuing doing this.”

Messi played 16 straight seasons with Barcelona in Spain alongside Ronaldinho, Xavi, Iniesta,Alves, Ibrahimovic, Eto’o, Henry, Neymar and many other super stars winning loads of trophies before switching gears to the French capital during the summer.


Lionel Messi also states that PSG is one of the biggest clubs in the world as at today.

The seven times Balon d’or winner during the interview with beIN Sports said PSG has been growing for about ten to eleven years now with a lot of ambitions which has placed them among the very best clubs in the world.

“PSG is a club that has been growing for ten, eleven years, it has been growing a lot, it has a lot of ambition and a lot of desire to keep growing, it has a lot of room for growth, it has a lot of power to be able to do so.”

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“I think today it is one of the biggest clubs in the world and there is no further to go. It is developing even more and getting bigger. I think today it has nothing to envy from the big and historic clubs.”

Paris Saint-German will be aiming to win their first ever Champions League trophy this season after Lionel Messi joined for the sole purpose although they will have to cross Real Madrid’s hurdle first in the round 16.

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