“Inter Needs Stability And Continuity, It Is Time For A New Ownership Structure”

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It is now looking very likely that US-based fund Oaktree will soon become the owners of newly crowned Serie A champions, Inter Milan. The deadline of the loan that Oaktree made to current Nerazzurri owners Suning 2021 is now at hand. And, barring any extraordinary late twists, Suning will not be able to repay that loan (the deadline is on Monday).

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The Chinese company’s efforts at refinancing look to have failed. And there will be no extensions to the deadline. In an earlier report, Inter President Zhang made a public statement hitting out at the US fund for preventing them from refinancing the loan agreement.

The Nerazzurri Number One implied that Oaktree has been obstructing Suning’s efforts to find a path forward at the club, most especially in their bid to reach an agreement with Pimco to replace Oaktree. But according to Thomas Zilliacus, he feels that it is time for Suning to leave Inter Milan, so that new owners can bring “stability” to the club.


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The Finnish businessman, who has been linked with a takeover of Inter in the past, responded to a statement by Nerazzurri President Steven Zhang by criticizing the current owners in a tweet. This comes amid the looming deadline on a loan that Oaktree made to Suning in 2021. Should Suning default, their controlling stake in Inter will pass into the hands of Oaktree.

This situation naturally creates a great deal of uncertainty regarding the future for Inter. In the view of Zilliacus, however, this is a sign that it is time to go for Suning as Nerazzurri owners. The Finnish billionaire has shown an interest in buying Inter in the past. In the end, the 68-year-old has not taken over the Nerazzurri. At least as of yet.

However, that has not stopped Zilliacus from taking an interest in the goings-on at Inter. And, from time to time, weighing in to give his opinion. And the Finn decided to respond to the statement that Zhang made earlier today.Zilliacus took to Twitter with a response.

He wrote, “So now it is Oaktree’s fault that Suning cannot repay the loan? “Inter needs stability and continuity, not owners whose changing fortunes hurt the club and the fans. Time for a new ownership structure.” Perhaps, with Suning out of the way, Zilliacus can now go ahead with his plans to buy the club, amidst reports that Oaktree are not planning to stay long as owners.


A new report from Tuttosport is now suggesting that they could keep hold of the club for a few years and wait to sell the club, rather than completing a sale right away.This according to today’s print edition of Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport. It is well known that, taking control of Inter was never Oaktree’s plan.

The US fund is not in the business of football management, and when they made the loan to Suning three years ago it was not with a view of eventually taking over at the Nerazzurri. Rather, Oaktree had anticipated that Suning would sell Inter in the next three years. Then they would be able to share in the profits from such a sale as they’re reportedly entitled to around 20% of the proceeds of any sale.

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However, Oaktree have every intention of exercising their right to take over at Inter. And the report has it that the US fund may not necessarily sell right away. At the moment, there do not appear to be any buyers imminently on the horizon. There have been plenty of rumours of a new owner waiting in the wings. However, the rumours of interested buyers for Inter have lingered for years now, without coming to anything.

Tuttosport anticipate that Oaktree could bide their time. The US fund does plan to sell Inter eventually. But it might not be right away. Oaktree could rely on what is a very stable Inter senior management to keep the Nerazzurri on course for a couple of years time. Then they could assess their options for selling the club in the future.

A separate report from Tuttomercatoweb seems to suggest that Oaktree’s potential repossession of Inter will not have an impact on the agreement of new contracts or transfer deals, there is expected to be a period of around 20 days where that type of business is put on hold, until a new, longer-term owner is put in place, or they get to appoint a new president.

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