MLS Announces New Sporting Initiatives Ahead Of 2024 Season

Written by Patrick Echatah

A new set of policies and plans for the 2024–2025 season were revealed by Major League Soccer on Thursday.

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More Details

Many of these innovations were tested in MLS NEXT Pro during the 2023 season, and the MLS Board of Governors authorized them for the 2024 MLS season, according to MLS Communications.

Rule for Off-Field Treatment

According to this rule, if a player remains on the ground with a possible injury for longer than 15 seconds, the referee will stop play. Following the player’s safe removal from the field, medical personnel will be permitted to enter the field right away to treat them.

Scheduled Changes

Another guideline that should reduce restart delays and encourage more soccer during games is this one. According to this rule, players who have been substituted must leave the field of play within ten seconds of the personnel change being announced. If this isn’t done, the player entering will be held out for sixty seconds until the next pause.

Announcements about In-Stadium VAR

You witnessed this regulation in effect if you watched the FIFA U20 World Cup or the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023. The referee will announce decisions from the video review to everyone in the stadium and on TV, just like in the NFL.

Clock for Stoppage Time

This simply says that after both teams are cleared to play, players from different teams who were taken off the field for treatment related to head injuries would return at the same time.

Changes to the Roster and Budget

There were no notable changes made in this category, despite the speculations circulating regarding a fourth DP position or a large revision of the roster rules.

Residence Time Limit

This modifies what it means for a player to be deemed a domestic player for the duration of a season. “The player must have appeared for an interview for an immigrant visa by the opening of the Secondary Transfer Window,” according to the rule.

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We are now seeing the development of Inter Miami, which will be a power in the league at the start of the next season.

Inter Miami CF’s head coach, Gerardo “Tata” Martino, has declared that the Club is once again interested in bringing in former teammate Luis Suárez during the upcoming winter transfer window.

Martino stated that the team is still interested in signing the 36-year-old Uruguayan during a press conference the day before Miami’s final MLS home game, which ended in a 2-2 draw with Charlotte FC.


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