Only One Italian Club Seem Receptive To The European Super League Idea For The Time Being

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Yesterday, a landmark decision was made that could have a direct and indirect effect on football as a whole, more than two years on from the first European Super League proposal. Prospects of a new Super League were handed a boost after a ruling from the European Court of Justice declared that FIFA and UEFA are ‘abusing a dominant position’ in relation to European football competitions.

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With this ruling, players and clubs can’t be banned from participating in another competition outside the two governing body for football. At the moment, only Real Madrid and Barcelona is remaining in the initial founding teams that launched the first super league, and it looks likes it would remain the same, owing to the initial reactions from club playing in Italy, the FIGC, AS Roma, Inter Milan and even Atalanta have all released statements, reiterating their commitment to UEFA and FIFA.

While for AC Milan, the club chairman, Paolo Scaroni is not fully committing. Scaroni believes it is currently ‘too early’ to give definitive opinions on the proposed European Super League, but has suggested that there are problems with the current systems in place. The Rossoneri executive spoke to Tg1 recently. Rather than divulging on the topic of the Super League, Scaroni instead highlighted the difficulties that Serie A teams will face if the League is to get rid of the Growth Decree.


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The Growth Decree is a law that has allowed Italian companies, including football clubs, to attract workers who have spent at least two years abroad. Thanks to this decree, clubs have been able to cut by 50% gross costs of players and coaches coming from outside the Peninsula. Scrapping the Growth Decree for Italian football clubs is one of the ‘faults’ troubling the current system according to Scaroni, who did not express his support for the Super League, but didn’t outright reject it either.

For Napoli President, Aurelio de Laurentiis, he has proposed an idea regarding the restructure of the Serie A and has revealed some details of his talks with Florentino Perez. It was reported yesterday that Napoli and De Laurentiis would welcome the reintroduction of the Super League plan and the club’s CEO would be open to speaking to other clubs involved and hold talks regarding making it better.

And in an interview with Corriere dello Sport, De Laurentiis has given more insight about his thought process behind the Serie A’s financial failure and how it can be restructured. De Laurentiis described the Super League ruling as an ‘epochal change’ in the sport and he criticised UEFA and FIFA about their approach.

He said: “The dominant position of UEFA and FIFA, which Europe today censures, has served to bestow bonuses in exchange for consent. Those who have governed up to now as monopolists have not understood that football is a business and needs growing revenues. If I invest hundreds of millions to participate in a circus that distributes peanuts, makes no profit and forces me to gamble more and more to keep an unproductive bandwagon going, the game is not worth the candle.”

He spoke about the declining financial value of the Serie A, comparing it to the Premier League and criticising Lazio CEO Claudio Lotito. The club CEO stated: “It never was [like the Premier League], except during the Berlusconi years. Also because for decades the management of the Lega managers was a failure. If I think that Lotito is causing me enormous damage by selling matches for five years to the same interlocutors who perhaps will no longer exist on the market when the contract expires. And he sells them at a lower price than the last three years.”

He further stated: “In 1986 there were sixteen clubs in Serie A. Today there are twenty and revenue has decreased, rather than increased. Until it is established that the majority is calculated with the weighted vote of the clubs, i.e. giving more weight to those who earn the most, nothing will change. The small teams will continue to dominate the league with a no-nonsense logic, because their only objective is to avoid relegation. This ruling urges us to change the rules.”

On the Super League, De Laurentiis stated that while it was the wrong move in 2021, it has brought about a change in the thought process. “The Super League was a wrong move, which however brought about this change. Now we need to do some serious thinking. I spoke with Florentino Perez and we agree to put some real entrepreneurs around the table, no longer and not just nominal presidents. Because today football is administered by elderly people in terms of age, but above all they are without vision.”

De Laurentiis proposed one way to reform the Serie A on the basis of teams that attract the most number of fans at stadiums. “I would immediately do an E series, where E stands for elite. [It will only have] city teams with a significant number of fans. A Palermo that gives economic guarantees cannot make the move from Serie D. A Bari that has a base of one million two hundred thousand fans cannot stay where it is.

“So I say: to the seven or eight teams that dominate the table, let’s add another seven that may have the same ambitions. And we finish in 14 places in the elite series. Then two Serie A groups of twenty teams. And the rest is the lower league, which acts as a nursery.” De Laurentiis has been very vocal about his views regarding the financial issues in Serie A and it isn’t a surprise that the Napoli CEO has a thought process that aligns with these views.


UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin insists the new Super League format is ‘even more closed’ than in 2021, but hopes ‘their fantastic competition starts as soon as possible, with two clubs.’ Ceferin spoke to the media following a ruling from the European Court of Justice that agreed with Super League organisers that FIFA and UEFA are abusing a dominant position.

A22, the company behind the Super League, presented a new format, saying that the tournament would be divided into three leagues, but Ceferin strongly criticised it. “I watched the so-called presentation of A22. It’s hard to decide if you should be shocked or amused by the show. Even more closed than the 2021 edition that everyone rejected,” he said.

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UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin on Super League: “We will not try to stop them. They can create whatever they want. I hope they start their fantastic competition as soon as possible, with two clubs. I hope they know what they are doing but I am not so sure about that.”

La Liga giants Barcelona and Real Madrid are the only two clubs still formally involved in the competition, as Juventus started the process to withdraw in July 2023. The Bianconeri have progressively stepped away from the breakaway tournament since Andrea Agnelli resigned as club President in November 2022. Ceferin added that UEFA “will go through the [ECJ] decision” and “will see if we need to strenghten the authorization.

“It’s clear now that they are offering a closed competition which we knew all the time. We will not try to stop them,” he claimed. The UEFA President added that winners of domestic leagues would qualify for the ‘Blue League’ which is the Super League’s third division so clubs like “Girona or Atalanta” wouldn’t be able to get access to the tournament.

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