The Obstacles Before The Two Milanese Clubs In Their Bid To Build A New Stadium

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For Inter Milan and AC Milan, one of their biggest priority is the building of a stadium of their stadium with officials of the two Milanese clubs eager to have the projects kicked off as soon as possible.

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According to the Mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, however, he claims it would be ‘a huge mistake’ for Inter and Milan to build their new stadiums outside the city limits, explaining why those projects could be doomed to failure.

Sala is reportedly going to be joined by both clubs in their legal action against the Ministry of Culture to revoke the order protecting the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in San Siro.

That law is the same one used to protect structures of historic interest and architectural importance. That verdict from the TAR tribunal in Lombardy is due on November 21. Milan have proposed their project in San Donato Milanese, while Inter are planning an arena in Rozzano, both on the outskirts of the city.


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“The clubs can legitimately go and build the stadiums where they see fit, but I personally see it as a huge mistake for them not to make the stadium in Milan,” said Mayor Sala.

“I think that a stadium outside of Milan is simply not viable, because how many police has Rozzano even got, and can they deploy 100 of them when there’s a match? I think a lot of rubbish is being talked.

“Among those lies is that the clubs can guarantee security, which is completely untrue. They cannot do it. I think it’s a huge error, but on the other hand they can recriminate that we were slow and allowed the limits to be placed on San Siro. However, I don’t want to consider this game over.” Milan are already facing problems of their own. There were so many protests at a public meeting to discuss their new stadium this week that police had to be called.

They were also presented with a petition of over 1,300 locals who do not want the stadium to be built in their community. “There would be difficulties in San Donato, because the metropolitan line ends 1.5km from the site and they cannot have parking lots in the green belt. I simply invite the clubs to reconsider.” He further added.

Milan CEO, Giorgio Furlani recently revealed that building a stadium of their own is part of targets to move the Rossoneri forward. As for Inter, they will face obstacles of their own, but it seems less serious than that of their city rivals.

According to Rozzano Mayor, Gianni Ferretti, he believes that there are two “critical” issues that Inter Milan must address before they begin building a new stadium in the region.

Speaking to Italian outlet 7Gold, the Rozzano Mayor identified transportation-related issues as potentially key factors, but also suggested that the club should definitely be able to overcome them. Inter are now going full speed ahead on their project of building a new stadium in the Rozzano area.

Whilst the Nerazzurri have not necessarily given up entirely on the San Siro area and the city of Milano, it certainly looks to be less and less likely. The commune of Rozzano presents what looks to be a viable alternative. The Nerazzurri have already formally presented their stadium plans to the Rozzano administration. And it certainly looks like there are good prospects for the club to move forward.

There will not be the same kinds of endless bureaucratic delays that had affected San Siro plans. However, Mayor Ferretti does caution that there are still issues that the club must resolve. Still, he is fairly optimistic and confident.

He explained that “When we met with the club, the two critical issues that emerged concerned roads and transportation.” “For such an major construction project,” he went on. “They will absolutely need to be reviewed.” “However, they are critical issues that they can resolve,” Ferretti said.

“Meanwhile it will also be necessary to strengthen the other structures that are present.” “The area, however, is already served by the Assago metro,” the Mayor further noted. For all intent and purpose, Inter will wait until after the verdict before going ahead with their plans as building at the current San Siro ground remains the top priority due to it location.


France defender Benjamin Pavard should be able to start training without a knee brace next week, according recent reports with the player further expected to begin the next phase of his recovery soon. At the moment, the former Bayern Munich player is still wearing a protective knee brace since picking up a knee injury during a Serie A match against Atalanta.

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That match in Bergamo took place just under three weeks ago. The 27yrs old sustained the injury during a collision with Nigerian forward Ademola Lookman. And naturally, whilst wearing the brace, he has not been able to start training to build up fitness. But according to a new report, an end to this initial phase of recovery is in sight.

According to the Gazzetta, Pavard will be able to remove his knee brace next week. This will signify a healing of the contusion to the knee that he picked up, but he will be lacking fitness, and will need to build it up.

But once the brace is off, the defender will be able to start working on individual training and then return to training with his fitness as he aims to be ready to be back in matchday squads within a few weeks. His absence has left the team a bit light in defense in recent matches. He has since been joined in the injury list by Alessandro Bastoni with Juan Cuadrado also yet to return to full fitness too.

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