USWNT Protect Trans Kids In Texas

Written by Oluwaseun Oyediji

Playing their 2022 SheBelieves Cup finale in Frisco, Texas, the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) responded quickly to news coming out of the Texas state legislature.

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Governor Greg Abbott prepared to issue a directive to Child Protective services to investigate parents pursuing gender-affirming resources for their kids for child abuse.

Before the match, captain Becky Sauerbrunn sent a clear message on Twitter: To deny gender-affirming resources to trans kids and to threaten their parents and guardians with claims of child abuse is MONSTROUS.”

As the team warmed up, players wore tape on their wrists with the “Protect Trans Kids” message clearly visible.


Catarina Macario even pulled her sleeve down to show the message to the television audience after her second goal of the night.

Macario said after the match that Megan Rapinoe brought Abbott’s statement to their attention via forward Lynn Williams, and they quickly came up with a way to let their feelings be known.

“With the platform we have, we really wanted to show why this team is different and why we do things that are much bigger than just the game,” said Macario, whose intention with post-goal gesture was to “make sure everyone was able to see it, and it wasn’t just another thing getting (swept) under the rug.”


Legislatures have used the protection of women’s sports as an excuse to impose hurtful legislation on trans children across the U.S. with increasing frequency, and it matters that USWNT players, as some of the country’s most visible women athletes, stood up to oppose Abbott’s proposal.

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